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Copass is a global membership that gives you access to a network of independent coworking spaces, fablabs, hacker spaces and other collaborative spaces and people with one single account.

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One membership for hundreds of spaces

Spaces and talent wherever you go

Access any of the spaces in the network and benefit from free days and discounted daily rates with one single membership. Just find a cospace you want to go to, drop by and tell them your Copass number. You're good to go. No more sign up forms, no more complicated payment methods, no more invoices... Get straight to the fun bit.

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See which spaces your friends recommend

Find the space that suits you

When choosing a cospace, your best advisors are your friends. Copass enables you to quickly identify which spaces have been recommended by the people you trust the most.

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Create teams and share credit

Give your team a global reach

Copass is not just for individuals. Groups of copassers can form teams and share credit. Your team can use this credit in any city or country in the world. Offer your teammates a truly global lifestyle in just a few clicks.

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A global community of local communities

Let's take the movement to the next level

We connect local communities to form a global community of collaborative people. By moving from space to space, you'll be sure to meet awesome people along the way.

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Find out when your friends are around

Technology for "In Real Life" meetings

Add copassers as friends and receive notifications whenever they visit the same city as you, a cospace you've recommended or somewhere on your wishlist. We believe the right place for technology is when it makes people meet In Real Life.

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Host copassers and be hosted

Sharing so much more than desks

As a copasser, you can choose to host other copassers at your place directly through Copass or by connecting your Couchsurfing or Airbnb account. Copass helps you share much more than just desks.

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