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The First Global Federation of Collaborative Spaces.

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  • Betahaus
  • Utopic_us
  • Mutinerie
  • Mob-makers-of-barcelona
  • The-surf-office
  • Toolbox-coworking
  • Transforma-bcn
  • Coworklisboa-lx-factory
  • Agora-collective

Why They Love Copass:

There are a hundred ways of using Copass. To travel around the world without interrupting work, to meet new people everyday, to expand a business abroad. Sometimes in one city, sometimes in a many countries... Many for all those reasons.

Bernhard Employee

I was more productive Copassing around Europe than staying in my office.

Rebecca Freelancer

Copass is the way to go for anyone moving in a new city.

Evona & Mike Nomads

We literally chose to visit some cities based on Cospaces we could find there.

Ouishare Global Organization

Our international and widespread team can meet and work anywhere anytime.

Copass. Be there. Anywhere

They Speak about Us

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