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La primera federación mundial de espacios colaborativos

Algunos de los mejores espacios colaborativos ya están a bordo: Add your space

  • Betahaus
  • Utopic us
  • Mutinerie
  • Mob makers of barcelona
  • The surf office
  • Toolbox coworking
  • Transforma bcn
  • Coworklisboa lx factory
  • Agora collective
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Porqué quieren a Copass

@wecopass, You rock pretty hard too! Thanks for the love!

5:35PM - July 16 2015

Back on the coworking trail and no idea how I would survive without the awesome @wecopass, keep up the good work guys!

8:51AM - May 26 2015
Ben Dixon

Dear #startups: You really, really need this: @wecopass.

3:16PM - June 20 2015
Killer Startups

Have you heard of @wecopass ? it's really the future in terms of global access to coworking. I love it! 500+ spaces!

10:10PM - October 05 2015
Nomade moiselle
Daphnée Laforest

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