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Moving between collaborative spaces, we saw the need for a more fluid user experience: global coworking, without the hassle. We're a small team supported by an incredible community. Join the men in blue.

The Cofounders

Stefano borghi 7d86ac460adde1c2d9151014c11f6cd95b24a4fbb354fcd57f51cdc405a24929

Stefano Borghi

Stefano is the kind of guy who started to work remotely when the internet was still in its infancy. He answered VOIP calls from Yemen back in 2001 and used TX protocols to transfer 3D files. He's always been at the intersection of the arts and technology. In 2008, he created Cowo360, a coworking space in Roma. Besides that, he also happens to be an incredibly talented photographer and a fantastic human being. At Copass, Stefano is in charge of imagining and crafting the products, working hand-in-hand with developers to implement them.

Eric van den broek 9c59a6d7d0c4378db52eaf0f32bf7700c2225cec8642291cda45369bc4767fa1

Eric van den Broek

Eric loves great teams, big dreams and tough challenges. He likes to guess where the wind will blow and has proven to be pretty good at it. In 2011, he founded Mutinerie with his two brothers and an old friend. This Parisian coworking space became famous for its unique vision of coworking and its strong community. When he met Stefano in 2010, they immediately started to discuss how they could improve the experience of moving between spaces. At Copass, he coordinates product and business development to make sure the world knows about Copass.

Augustin riedinger c1d883f3a9ddaec17d5ee0dfa4cf37e47f44db5287b222fba9be4aab1e8bd463

Augustin Riedinger

We met Augustin in an old school in a small French village while contemplating the possibility of building a coworking / maker / bio-hacker space in this remote place. Augustin loved the idea, which made him crazy enough to catch our attention. He's passionate about Ruby and technology in general and is an advocate of open-source software. At Copass, he translates concepts and sketches into reality through elegant coding.

Sophie ozdzinski 13e4bd66048d4355f4fb1e2e0ff934827e2d93d61fd7928e457db5d1e277fc19

Sophie Ozdzinski

Sophie loves it when a good plan comes together. She used to work for a big consultancy firm, where there was nothing to stop her from climbing the corporate ladder and winning the rat race. But, longing to feel the breeze in her hair and adrenaline flowing through her veins, Sophie quit her job. She wanted freedom and passion, and she found that in Copass. At Copass, Sophie is in charge of finance and operations. She is a goddess of spreadsheets. Behind the scenes, she juggles numbers, organizes projects, crashes events and eats legal stuff for breakfast.

The Team

Andre cf43999ac29e8c0cd3a788a012b66b7618bf848d3ca0d6a7847ef9c103e034c8

André Gernandt International cycling pro

What is expected of you is nothing less than to self-commit on the idea to build a product that hasn’t been there up until now.

Rebecca b4ad49b8e5399b460edf061782a01c75f8480b53f3b7e8af31cda8735822fc19

Rebecca Collins Emoticon expert

I love emoticons, and so does Copass. :) :D <3

James 07a495e19d19d9c483baec32840ecb2490f4aa6c222b0dfe0fcb7b1363c111ab

James Klein Underground racing enthusiast

They have a great business practice: firing people. You can be fired for washing all the dishes but forgetting one or for missing a wave while surfing.

Michael 19b1558ec5cac025ba55907408829cea3329b50a401da75c393461fceebab03e

Michael Melia Singer-songwriter

You might not know exactly what Copass is, but you’ll enjoy working on it every second

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