What does it mean to be a cospace? - Copass

What does it mean to be a cospace?

Copass is a community of people and spaces. As such, it is ruled by simple but important principles. When you listed your space, you agreed on all of them that you’ll find bellow.

  1. You will welcome Copassers as you would like your members to be welcomed abroad

    Copass is not another listing platform; it’s a community of independent spaces and workers. You should therefore treat Copassers as you would like your members to be treated when they work in a new space. Take time to introduce them to your members, to invite them to your events or to share a lunch with them... Anything that will make them feel good about your space and community.

  2. You will answer the requests you receive

    Any space that shares our values is welcome to Copass... Unless it doesn’t answer the requests and messages it receives from Copassers. Take a few seconds to let them know if they can work from your space.

  3. You will tell your staff about Copass

    The last thing you want is to have one of your members in front of a person that doesn’t know about Copass. If you join Copass, let your staff know about it and show them how to use the platform. You can add as many admins to your space as you wish.

  4. You will let your members know about Copass

    The more people on Copass, the bigger the value for all of us! We are not the kind of guys that spend millions on advertising. We’d rather spend money on the development of the product. We always relied on the community to spread the word about Copass and we’ll keep on doing it. If you like what we are doing, don’t be shy about spreading the news.

  5. You will recommend other spaces you like

    If you know and like other Cospaces don’t forget to recommend them. The more recommendations spaces get, the more Copassers will come. If you know some cool spaces not yet on Copass, let us know!

  6. You will enter a daily fare

    We ask all of the Cospaces to enter a daily fare. We all have different types of memberships and we all have good reasons for that. We just need a point of reference for Copassers. Don’t worry, you will still be able to charge Copassers for your additional services like meeting rooms, printings, plans.

  7. You will make a discount on your daily rate

    Because Copassers can be your members, because they are part of the same global community and because Copass greatly simplifies the process of hosting drop-ins, we ask Cospaces to offer a discount on their daily fares (just on their daily fares!). Most spaces offer around 20% discount on their daily fare.

  8. You will enter correct information about your space

    This is especially important as far as tax rates are concerned. Every country, and sometimes every city, has its own tax system. Be sure to enter the right tax amount so we can edit invoices to Copassers. Also check if your space is correctly located on the map. Technology cannot be 100% accurate.

  9. You will give us feedbacks

    We count on you to share your feedbacks so we can always improve the platform and provide you with the best tools we can. We built Copass listening to you and we’ll keep on doing it.

  10. You will get paid

    Whenever you check someone in, for a day or for any of your services, your credit balance is actualized. We proceed to the payment of all of your all transactions at the end of each month. Make sure your banking information is correct and up to date!

Don't hesitate to ask us any questions. We can't wait to count you in!