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Cowork Central

Praça Duque da Terceira 24, 1200-121 Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal
+351 213 460 943
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12.20/ day
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Bored with working at home? Want a nice place to meet your clients? Starting a new company and want somewhere flexible, friendly and professional to get you going? Visiting Lisbon and need somewhere to get some work done? Cowork Central is rapidly becoming Lisbon’s favourite coworking spot. Fun, friendly and central, we have desks available to rent on a flexible basis. At the moment we're a little full so we ask that you request a space with us before appearing to guarantee your spot.


These are the additional resources and facilities you can get at Cowork Central. Simply notify the manager, and speak with them to check you in with your add-ons.

  • 2.44 € - Rent a 23” screen with keyboard
  • 4.07 € - Meeting room hire

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