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Via XXIV Maggio, 28b, 00048 Nettuno, Lazio, Italy
+39 06 980 60 11
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We believe in a country where those who have passion will succeed in creating value for themselves and for the others. Our purpose is to educate, inspire and connect people so that dreams are transformed into ideas, ideas into projects and projects into reality. The company improves if individuals have the opportunity to work with passion. A person who creates value inspires others. This process improves society and is viral. We believe in responsible entrepreneurship because it can improve the lives of the individual and the community. We want to be a hub for organizations ans young entrepreneurs providing support and contacts for the development of new ideas. We believe in the importance of a new economic model based on sharing and cooperation, and we promote a sustainable lifestyle. This portal aims to be a tool with which to communicate and engage with the aim to inspire and educate. Learn, inspire, grow!

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