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Carrer de Casp, 43, 08010 Barcelona, Valenciana, Spain
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LabCoop is a community which hosts, incubates and promotes social cooperative entrepreneurship initiatives. We believe that social entrepreneurship initiatives are those that, through an economic activity pursued: transform the economy, society, culture; cooperatively development; sustained over time; multiply their model. LabCoop emphasize the necessarily cooperative dimension of social entrepreneurship. LabCoop also promotes social innovation initiatives, those engaged in activities that are transforming the social, economic, political, cultural or environmental, though not necessarily related to entrepreneurship. We see innovation as an attitude, a way of doing things, and not an end or an end in itself, innovation is the tool or resource that attitude allows creativity necessary to develop social entrepreneurship. LabCoop is housed in a environement of consolidated coopeatives and organizations () from social and solidarity economy, welcoming and incubating new projects. Our enviroment: 36 cooperatives & organizations; 150 people working for; 16 activity sectors. From 2013, 37 social entrepreneurs from 19 projects had been placed at LabCoop, and 287 social entrepreneurs had been trained.

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