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6 rue Arthur Rozier, 75019 Paris, Ile-De-France, France
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 Tired of working at home? Frustrated by the constraints of a conventional office? Then Laptop is the place for you! Created by and for freelancers, Laptop is not just a well designed workspace, but also a place to explore fresh creative ideas and experience a truly fulfilling professional life.
 We warmly welcome all passionate specialists of ideas, images, texts, sounds, interactive objects (the list is endless…) who feel a need to leave home and work in a setting that is calm, stimulating and different, on either an occasional or an ongoing basis.
 Laptop has made its warm and welcoming home in the trendy Jourdain quarter of North-East Paris, a short stroll from the magical Buttes Chaumont park and the picturesque maisonettes of rue Mouzaïa. The area is brimming with cafes, tasty yet affordable restaurants, mouth-watering food shops and renowned boulangeries. 
 The workspace sits on a lovely secluded courtyard where springtime hangs in the air, even in the depths of a Paris winter. In addition to its 20 desks, Laptop offers a meeting room (which may also be used for making telephone calls), a large equipped kitchen and a lounge. 
 Discover our rental packages and services below.
 Since its opening, The Laptop community has reached more than 80 coworkers, from different domaines and languages.
 Laptop defines itself as a regroupment of UX experts, AD and developers, who can potentially work together on your project.
 Since january 2013, we already have co-worked for different clients (Réunion des Musées nationaux, BETC Digital and communication agency Mazarine).
 In order to enhance the community synergy, Laptop tends to develop free-trade workshops between the coworkers to allow them to exchange abilities and projects.
 We also welcome any external proposal. Whether you are a professional trainer or a free-lancer, if you want to share your abilities (in any domain), the meeting room (6 persons) and the kitchen (10 persons) afford both a calm and comfortable space to teach. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.
 Every wednesday in Laptop is an occasion to strengthen our community. Apéros, breakfasts and lunches are organized, inside the coworking space, to make the coworkers meet each others and share a more friendly time.
 These events give the newcomer the chance to introduce himself and his work. Furthermore, each coworker can present his actual work and propose a project to the community.
 Laptop is, above all, a living place.

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