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Ziferblat moscow tverskaya st sq 114 114

Ziferblat Moscow (Tverskaya st.)

Tverskaya Street, 12c1, 125009 Moscow, Russia
+7 (965) 447-62-99

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Ziferblat is a small secret world, and once you’ve got in there it’s going to be hard not to come again. Hardly will you find staff there, but only well-read, ingenious and charming guys and girls, who are always ready to help.They know everything about high quality coffee, that they’ll gladly make for you, and nearest theatre’s playbill. They can make dishes while sharing their opinion of Critique of Pure Reason with you or just listen to your stories when filling little bowls with sea buckthorn jam at the same time. Ziferblat is natural amiability and openness. There are no memorized greeting phrases or any bonding formalities as well as discourtesy and boorishness. Instead, you can stumble upon an acoustic concert, lecture on journeys or chess tournament. In Ziferblat on Tverskaya Street you completely forget that you’re in a public place. First and foremost, it’s a huge cosy apartment with its residents, plenty of guests and millions of stories.

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