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How do I know when my cycle starts and ends?

Copass membership operates on a monthly cycle that begins the day you sign up and automatically renews on the same day each month. The day you sign up and purchase a Copass membership is the date that your cycle will start each month (it does not begin on the date of your first checkin).

To check when your cycle renews:

  • Log on to to On your homepage, you’ll see your profile picture on the top bar. Click on it, a menu fires, click then on “account”.

  • On this tab you’ll see highlighted in green the plan you have selected. In this box, it is written “renew on xx” with a date. This is the date of your plan renewal!

  • The indicated date is when your account will renew and a new month will begin. Your membership will be reset and you will also be billed at that time for a new month of membership.

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