The Basics

How much does my Copass plan cost?

Copass Plans’ price are charged in one of the three currencies accepted by Copass: US Dollars, Euro or GB Pounds. Your currency depends on your billing address.

  • A light plan costs 49,00 Euro / 55,90 US Dollars / 39,99GBP + 20% of Taxes (VAT)
  • A part-time plan costs 119,00 Euro / 135,90 US Dollars / 86,90 GBP + 20% of Taxes (VAT)
  • An unlimited plan costs 299,00 Euro / 340,90 US Dollars / 216,90 GBP + 20% of Taxes (VAT)

Once you have subscribed to one of our Plan, you will receive by email the related monthly invoice for the selected plan. You can also find all of your invoices directly on your Copass account on the tab “transaction and invoice”.

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