The Basics

What kind of spaces can join Copass?

We call them “collaborative spaces”. They are places to work, make, hack and sometime live. They can be coworking spaces, fablabs, co-living spaces, hackerspaces, maker spaces even bio-hacker spaces,. They are all shaping the new way of creating value.

Apart from being great places to visit and work, all cospaces have chosen to belong to Copass global community. They all share our values and accept the Copass charter. They are independent spaces run by independent people, just like you. We like that all of the cospaces are a bit different from each other. Each one has its own way of doing things and influences the others. Each of Copass experiences is going to be different.

New cospaces join the solution every day and we trust them as we trust you. Don’t forget to recommend the spaces you really love so other Copassers can go there too, and if you notice anything unusual during your experience with another cospace, please let us know!

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