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Freedom unlocked.

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No Commitments. Cancel Anytime

100% flexible. 0% strings attached

Copass is all about flexibility. Change or cancel your Copass plan at any time to match your needs. Gonna be off for the next few months? Don't pay for an office you won't use

One Click Checkins

One click is all that separates you from a productive and creative day.

Arrive at any space, check yourself in in one click and get to work. That's it! Don't waste your time with complicated signup processes and multiple payments. Now working from anywhere is cashless and convinient.

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The right space, the right people

Meet fantastic people, everywhere you go

Work from the best workspaces around you, surrounded by passionate and talented people just like you. Make new friends, sign contracts, meet your next cofounder.

Hundreds of Spaces to Search

Looking for the perfect space? We've got you covered.

Search through many spaces with minimal effort. You'll find just the right workplace from real people in spaces they really like. Have one-to-one chats with space managers and get directions and local know-how of a new place before you even get there.

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Find a Place to Sleep

Let's cowork and Co-live

Our vision doesn't stop at coworking. When you find that perfect cospace, you'll find a list of Copassers working there who can host you. We're even integrated with Airbnb and Couchsurfing.

Couchsurfing hosting
Airbnb hosting
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