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Let us help you take your business to the next level. With our global network of partnered workspaces and our expertise in the world of coworking - we’ll work with you one-to-one to provide a business solution that meets your needs. Whether you’re going local or global - we’ll help take you further.

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Get High Flexibility at a Low Cost

Take your company anywhere

Don’t have an office? Or just have a small office? Add or remove square metres to your office on a daily basis with Copass. Send team members to coworking spaces in your own city or country and break down the walls of your traditional office with ease.

Manage Distributed Teams in One Place

Many employees, many countries, one invoice

Be productive and efficient no matter where your team is in the world. We make working from multiple countries and continents easy. Register your accounts, and when team members check in anywhere, they will charge one central account.

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Expand your Business Globally

From across the street to around the world

Test new markets easily, make the right connections and get people on-site. Have a service in Germany, and want to expand to France at low-cost with low-risk? Use our network of people and spaces to leverage your business onto the global stage.

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Be Happy, Be Productive, Work Well

Great ideas come from great environments

Imagine this: a week brainstorming in a French castle. A few months prototyping your new product on 3D printers in an old Milanese factory. A weekend redeveloping your marketing strategy on the beach in the Canary Islands. All for the same price as working from home.

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Access the Best Entry-Points to New Cities

Become a local, everywhere

Doing business in a new city is no longer stressful or uncertain. With Copass, you’ll know the best places to work, the people who work there and the kinds of projects they’re working on (all before you even get there). Arriving in a city is like finding a home away-from-home.

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