How Copass works for a Cospace - Copass

Welcome new users from around the globe, instantly.

Adding your Space Is Completely Free

Join our global community for no cost at all

Expand your customer base effortlessly. Follow our 5-minute registration process to add your space to the network, and tap into a community of amazing entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups. All we take is a 10% for transaction fees.

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Go Global in a Flash

The coworking revolution, at your doorstep

You'll be connected to new spaces and people one check-in at a time. Copassers will not only increase the visibility of your space: they will recommend it in real-time to other real people who will love your space just as much.

Increase Connections, Not Paperwork

The future is a world of people, not papers

Here's how it works: users arrive at your space and check themselves in. You immediately receive a notification and a confirmation of payment. And we don't stop there: we'll create monthly invoices for you automatically. Yes... it's just that simple.

Charge for Add-Ons

Private desks, meeting rooms, events - all managed, all easy

Use our 'Add-Ons' feature to create custom charges for specific purchases at your space. Copassers want to use your laser cutter? Rent a meeting room? Organise an event? No problem. We've got you covered.

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Get Paid

The bottom line

Every month, following your invoice, we'll transfer your money straight to your bank account. It is exactly as easy as it sounds. (As long as you don't forget to fill out your bank info!)

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