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Internship offer in communication and community management at Copass

Copass is looking for its community manager and chief of communication. At Copass, you’ll be responsible for reviewing and producing content on our website, writing blog posts and animating the Copass community. Now boarding !


A new way to live and work is emerging. while information technologies enable us to work from virtually anywhere at anytime, there has never been such a need for physical places and in real life communities. Coworking, fablabs, hacker spaces, bio hacker spaces, maker spaces and other likeminded spaces have been developing at high speed these last few years, laying down the infrastructure for a completely new way of creating value.

Hundreds of thousands of people have already been impacted by this movement and we want to take the movement one step further. We want to connect collaborative spaces and people to enable this new type of workers to work from any of the spaces of the network with one single membership.

To do that, we’re building a platform. More than 100 spaces have already joined Copass and a bunch of people now waiting for us to launch the product. Community management is key to Copass as we see ourselves as a community of communities. Communities management and communication happens at different levels. We’ve got to organize and manage the community of spaces and space managers on one side and to federate the global community of Copassers on the other side.

Working at Copass gives you a unique chance to get in touch with an incredibly rich community of talented and passionate people. You’ll have to work from several locations and meet our members and space managers In Real Life. We can’t wait to welcome you on board and to take you on our journey.

We’ve got the vision, now let’s have some fun.


Producing and improving communication content both on our website and on printed materials. Defining a global communication strategy. Managing our community of spaces and people.

Copass is an ongoing experiment. Lots of things still need to be defined and invented. Working with us, you’ll have the chance to get a comprehensive view of the birth and development of a promising project.


  • Review, develop and write content for our social media platforms, newsletter articles, stories, and press releases
  • Manage our social media platforms, including our blog
  • Assist with community campaigns and special events
  • Organize community drinks and events in different cities.

Beside these tasks, you’ll help us to shape our global strategy and vision. All your talents are welcome and will contribute to the success of this adventure.

Team : You’ll join the teams of the 4 co-founders of the project. Other teammates will join us in the coming months. You’ll mainly work at the famous Parisian coworking space Mutinerie, but you’ll have the chance to travel and work from different locations on a regular basis.

Duration : 6 months. You’ll start as soon as possible

Skills required : curiosity, enthusiasm, creativity, open-mindedness, originality, excellent writing skills, authenticity, love for quality work. You’ll have to be a native english speaker. Mastering other languages is a big plus.

A previous experience in community management, a good knowledge of social media and an experience in writing content and elaborating communication strategies will be much appreciated.

Training : Business schools, communication schools, PR. Passionate self made men/women are also much appreciated.

Compensation : to be discussed !

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