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Hey dear upwork members! Good to see you here. Welcome to Copass, the first global network of coworking spaces that you can access with one single membership. Just pick the plan you like, sign up, and go use your days of coworking anywhere you want. As a welcome present, we wanted to offer you your first month of Copass at 10% discount! Happy Copassing
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When would my plan start and end?

Copass memberships activate upon purchase. They are monthly recurring memberships and will renew each month on the same day of the month that you signed up. This means that if you subscribe to Copass on the 13th, your membership will renew on the 13th of each month.

Can I cancel or change plan anytime?

Yes! There is no long-term commitment for Copass. You are welcome to change or cancel your membership, as long as this is done at least one day before your cycle renews. By default, your plan will renew into the full price plan after the first month

Will I be able to get into every space I want?

The best part about Copass: we’re in more than 300 cities in 75 different countries around the globe, and you are welcome to use your Copass in any of them! Your Copass membership does not cover accomodation costs for spaces offering it.

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How does Copass work?

Howto copassers step1

Pick the right plan for your needs.

Howto copassers step2

Find a great space wherever you need it

Howto copassers step3

Go there and check yourself in. That's it.

You work in a TEAM?

We can craft special plans for your company.

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